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Forgotten Topographies involves making collages from Google Maps and disaster photos that serve as a starting point for a painting. Layers of mediation remove the viewer from the original image, mimicking alienation from the experienced earth. The end result depicts a landscape assembled from disparate viewpoints; the work creates a sense of longing as it examines human demand and the effects of environmental degradation on an understanding of place. 

I seek to reconcile a romantic notion of landscape with the way that space is unavoidably fragmented and eroded through use and conceptualization. My paintings discuss how the damaged landscape, once altered, reconstructs itself. Influenced by resource extraction, architecture, and a need to document human effect on nature, the work investigates the construction of a relationship to land, the built environment, dystopia and utopia.

Two Houses / One Plague
Approaching Penrose
Earthquake Failure
Slow Descent
Everything Sinks Eventually
Safe For Now
Anthropogenic Transit
An Owl Of The Waste Places
Final Elevation
The Wind Brought The Night
Sugar Rupture
Designated Lurking Area
The Only True Thing Is Water
Between Here
Exhausted Hydrology
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